Halloween Horror: Choosing Adult Costumes



It was a lot of fun dressing up ghosts and goblins when the kids were growing up. Finding adult Halloween costumes for empty nesters isn’t as delightful. In fact, it can be down right horrifying.




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Do you dread as much as I do getting an invitation for a Halloween party?  While I love the decorations and the food and the games, it’s the adult Halloween costumes  that I panic over.  Actually, I don’t mind dressing up.  Rather, it’s the “coming up with the idea/making it happen” part of adult Halloween costumes that I do not enjoy. And that goes double because my husband assumes that I will come up with the adult Halloween costume for  him too.  Ugh. So much pressure that  I would just rather stay home than have to go through the stress of coming up with a couples adult Halloween costume ensemble.

That is until I came across this guide for Halloween Costumes for Couples.  Great ideas for fun adult Halloween costumes that  fit all sorts of midlife body types. Each couples adult Halloween costume choice can even be accessorized so that I can “own” them  according to our tastes. Heck, I might even end up being a contender for the Best Couple’s Costume Prize. Now, that would definitely be a change of pace for my Halloween party angst!!

Halloween Costumes


  1. 1920′S Gangster Couple – You’re good and proper all year. Halloween definitely gives you permission to channel Bonnie & Clyde. Even if just in the fashion sense. Buy these costumes at SpiritHalloween.com: Hers and His.
  2. 1960′s Hippie Couple – On Halloween, remind everyone of all the great things that the Hippie generation created: the culture, the fashions, the music, the arts, the… ooops. Buy these Peace & Love costumers online at SpiritHalloween.com: Hers and His.
  3. Chip & Dale Onesie Costumes – The most adorable chipmunks around. An excuse to be goofy, funny and very comfortable in these Kigurumi onesies. Buy these online at Shop-Kigurumi.com: Chip and Dale.
  4. Olive Oyl & Popeye – A complicated love affair that’s been going on forever. Buy Olive’s & Popeye’s costumes online at Kohls.com: Olive Oyl and Popeye.
  5. Red Riding Hood & Big Bad Wolf – How will your classic fairytale be played out on Halloween? Buy these costumes online at Kohls.com: Red Riding Hood and Granny Wolf.
  6. Bacon & Eggs Couple – Time to play the “Goes together like…” parlor game. Pick Eggs & Bacon since bacon is having quite a moment.Get the Bacon & Eggs couple’s costume set a Kohls.com.
  7. Day-of-the-Dead Bride & Groom – A much better alternative to the tired zombie bride and groom. And you won’t have to move in chopped zombie movements all night. Get these costumes online at SpiritHalloween.com: Day-of-the-Dead bride and Day-of-the-Dead groom.
  8. Day-of-the-Dead Face Tattoos – Don’t want to spend hours creating that fab Day-of-the-Dead look with makeup? Try these: Day-of-the-Dead face temporary tattoos. Find them online at SpiritHalloween.com: The multi-colored face tattoo or the black & white face tattoo (for him).

Most of these couples adult Halloween costumes can only be found on-line — all the easier to get the look that you want.

Phew – finally some adult Halloween costume stress relief.  Bring on those Halloween party invites!!

Which adult Halloween costume duo is your favorite?