Is Legoland For You?


Legoland is located in California; Florida; Dubai; Denmark; Germany; Malaysia; and Windsor, England

While I was given two, Sea Life Hopper tickets by Legoland California Resort, the opinions expressed are my own.LegoLand logo

Part of the fun of having grandkids is spoiling them. Letting them stay up late, eat a lot of sweets, watch a little TV, and take them fun places. When Legoland California Resort opened in 1999, my kids were too old to appreciate it. So, taking my grandsons was a new adventure of all of us. I really didn’t know what to expect. I figured that Legos would abound everywhere and I heard there were some rides. Other than that, I went with an open mind as to what we would experience.Legoland9

I went with my daughter and son-in-law and my two grandsons, age 4 and 18 months. Both ADORE legos. My four year old grandson would play them all day without food, sleep, or potty breaks if we let him. The 18 month old follows his brother’s Lego lead. So Legoland seemed like the perfect fit for a family outing.

We ended up spending 5 hours at the park. When we first got there, we grabbed a map to get a lay of the land. The park is divided in to theme sections. A worker suggested that we go to the right (versus the left which everyone else does) when you enter the park because it was less crowded.  We took her advice but soon figured out that to the right is catered more to an older child. Consequently, right off the bat, my grandsons didn’t want to do any of the rides or activities so we ended up just mostly admiring huge Lego characters.Legoland1

About halfway through the park, we landed in the kiddie area and my grandsons were thrilled with the rides that were more their speed like the train and cars. They went on those rides multiple times.Legoland4

What We Liked About Legoland

  • The Food. Almost all the choices were healthy options and there was a lot to choose from besides hamburgers and hot dogs. In the eating areas, there were kid-size tables and grown-up size tables to eat at.Legoland6
  • The Displays. There were plenty of Lego figures to admire.Legoland2
  • The Play Stations. While waiting in line, the kids could play with Legos in a gated area that was in full view of us adults waiting in line.Legoland5
  • The Slow pace. There wasn’t a whole lot of variety of things to do, so we didn’t feel rushed to get through everything. 

What We Didn’t Like About Legoland

  • Inefficient lines. While the lines were short, they took forever to get through. A mom waiting in line told me that that was how it was all the time at the park, crowd or no crowd.
  • Run down displays. The park seemed “tired.” There were lots of broken pieces on the displays and the colors were faded.
  • Not a lot of variety. Instead of having lots of different experiences, we ended up doing the same – or similar – activities all day which got to be tedious.
  • Poor supply of Legos. I knew I was going to want to buy some Legos as a souvenir for my grandsons. I was really disappointed (along with my grandsons) at the lack of selection, especially with current popular themes like Ninjago.

I spent only about a half hour in the Sea Life Aquarium because we were running out of time. The exhibits were interesting but they were small, especially compared to the Seattle Aquarium where my grandsons go at home.

All in all, we enjoyed being together, and felt like we saw all what Legoland had to offer. Will I take them again? Probably not. At $103 per adult for a hopper ticket, that is a bit steep for a run down, amusement-type Park.

What next adventure should this Grammie spoil her grandsons on?