When Was The Last Time You Celebrated Your Body Shape?

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“When a woman realizes that she is perfect in her ‘imperfections‘ and accepts her beauty as she is, her confidence soars and it affects every aspect of her life.” – Alicia Richmond, Celebrate Your Shape



Alicia Richmond is a professional wardrobe stylist for over 15+ years, has a degree in Clothing and Textiles from Brigham Young University and has been fortunate enough to work with Clinton Kelly from “What Not to Wear” for years. Clinton and Alicia both sit on Macy’s advisory board and she helps him style fashion shows that feature women of every body size, body shape and age.Alicia-What Not to Wear

In her work, Alicia has found that most women use the measuring stick of the “ideal” woman (as portrayed in media and the fashion industry) and beat themselves up with it. In an effort to combat this madness, Alicia started the movement, Celebrate Your Shape. Her goal is “to help women look at themselves in a more positive light; to stop the negative voice in their head and to help them see the beauty they truly possess.” Alicia sincerely believes that her mission is “to encourage ALL Women to LOVE their body shape and their differences, FLAUNT their curves, have CONFIDENCE in their femininity, and ACCEPT themselves as they are!”

“The question is not whether a woman has style or not, but does her wardrobe properly fit and flatter her unique body.”   –Alicia Richmond

I recently met up with Alicia at Macy’s in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was there offering her services free to women attending the blog conference, Build Your Own Blog. On the night she had set aside to do the consultations, I would just be arriving to the city after spending 10 hours driving in from Southern California. I only had 45 minutes to spend with her and even though I didn’t have a lot of time, it was still worth it to me to hear – and see – what Alicia could offer in helping me celebrate my body shape.Alicia and me

Alicia was so genuine, so friendly and warm. I felt comfortable with her right from the start and trusted her advice. She told me I had a petite body shape — not because I am short (5’4”) in stature but because I am short-waisted and because my forearms are short.

I was looking to update my business-casual style. What was consistent with all the items I was given to try on were that they came from the petite department; the tops and jackets all had quarter length sleeves to make my arms appear longer; and the pants had wide waist bands so as to fit snug around my short waist. Remarkable. These little details really did celebrate my body shape!! And even better, I now know what to look for in future purchases.

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Thanks to Alicia, I am convinced that we all need to TELL THE WORLD that we are women with REAL bodies; we’re not mannequins and we are perfect just the way we are!  Let’s celebrate our differences and what makes unique as women and live with determination to live a fearless and fabulous life!