Are #DisneyPrincessses Relevant For Midlife Women?


Is it just me, or is there an attack on traditional #DisneyPrincesses like Cinderella?






I am not ashamed to admit that Cinderella has always been my favorite of the #DisneyPrincessses. My introduction to Disney’s animated classic, Cinderella, came when I was 5 years old. It was 1965 and my parents took our family to a drive-in to see the second re-lease of the original 1950 film. To say I was enamored is a minor understatement — I loved EVERYTHING about the film – especially the mice. Sure, it was a fairy tale but my 5 year old self also recognized that Cinderella portrayed some wonderful qualities that I wanted to have as a grown up woman. I too wanted to be feminine, gracious, humble, kind, pretty, resilient, forgiving, determined, loyal – and get the prince of my dreams.  Who wouldn’t want to be like Cinderella?

I just saw the new live action Disney Pictures film, Cinderella, and loved it just as much as the animated version. I loved how it was true to the original Disney story.  I loved the whole “transforming from a servant into a beautiful princess” scene. I loved Cinderella’s ball gown.  And I especially loved how the moral of the story evolved from “Wish Upon a Star” to “Have Courage and Be Kind.”  What a wonderful personal code to live by. It certainly worked out well for Cinderella!!Cinderella Quote

Unfortunately, there is a lot of 21st century chatter going on how traditional #DisneyPrincesses including Cinderella, are unacceptable for today’s “modern girl.” Cinderella is mocked for being too pretty, too skinny, not proactive enough, and if you can believe this article, “too entirely compliant and almost dripping with the milk of human kindness. There’s barely a hint of Elsa-like spite or indignation towards her bitchy new step-family…Sorrow needs to hurry up and afflict this kingdom pretty fast, lest your teeth start rotting from the confectionery-tin look of it all.”

In my opinion, that last statement is what is wrong with feminism today. Their focus on independence and strength doesn’t leave room for prince charmings, unconditional kindness, sincere forgiveness, and “living happily ever after.” It’s almost as if these nuggets of joy are poison. The truth is, a woman is strongest when there is a man by her side, faces trials with dignity, and lives life with courage and kindness.

Give me the old-fashioned, traditional #DisneyPrincesses like Cinderella any day.  Life is tough. I could use a little fairy tale hope now and then.