Waking Up Is Hard To Do



Waking up first thing in the morning, especially since going back to Daylight Savings Time, can be a rude awakening. 5 Tips to gently and naturally start the day.




I am a morning person so waking up to start the day has never been that difficult for me. That is until I turned 50. Now, it is more challenging to arouse myself and launch out of bed, especially on dark, Daylight Savings Time mornings. I can’t even imagine how much more difficult it is for someone who is NOT a morning person.images (2)

Trying to figure out how I could make waking up more natural and effective, I ran across these great tips from Spark People and decided to give them a try:

5 Tips to Wake Up More Naturally

  • Wake up to music rather than an alarm. I was always a dong-dong-dong alarm clock setter. Come to think of it, that really is a rude way to wake up after a quiet night’s rest. I have totally ditched the whole alarm clock tradition, literally. Now both my husband and I use our smart phone’s to wake us up. I wake up to a pirate ship– creaking wood, ocean waves.My husband’s phone plays soft music. What a positive difference this small change has made.Alarm sound
  • Don’t get up right away. Getting out of bed immediately after the sounding of the alarm can be jarring to the body. I have purposely begun setting my alarm 10 minutes before I actually have to get up. This gives me time to acclimate to my surroundings, breathe in deeply, and most importantly, loosen up and stretch my creaky limbs, all in the comfort of my warm bed.
  • Think of the most positive thing you’ll be doing that day. While it is so easy to have the burdens of the day creep in to my mind first, so instead, I’ve worked on focusing on one or two of the really great things I will be doing that day to get my endorphins to kick in.
  • Get out of bed slowly. My old routine of shut off the alarm and jump out of bed had become unsettling. Now, I rise slowly, sit on the edge of my bed and ease into the start of my morning.
  • Turn on more and more lights as you go through your routine. My husband teases me on this one. He says I will go blind with so little light to start my day. On the contrary. Sudden light shocks the senses and is a factor that can trigger my migraines. I have put nightlights along my morning path to the downstairs to ease into a brighter light. Our kitchen lights are the kind that gradually light up, so that helps too.

The Spark People article also recommends eating breakfast as part of this natural waking up routine. While I am well aware that eating breakfast that is low in fat and high in protein, fiber and carbs (like yogurt, fruit, whole wheat breads, and skim milk) provide positive energy that lasts throughout the morning, I still have a really hard time eating first thing. I prefer to eat after I work out rather than before. I’ve been doing it this way for over 25 years and if I was to change, now that would really shock my system’s morning wake up routine.

I’ve incorporated this new wake up routine for a couple of months now and since I started using them, my mornings are not only calmer, but I’ve noticed that as I gradually start my day, I have regained my “eager to start the day” morning self. There’s nothing like getting an early start on the day, and when I can do it naturally, my attitude matches my result: It’s going to be a great day!!Sunrise

Do you struggle with getting up in the morning? How do you manage your wake up routine?