#MakeADifference With Jo Frost and Amanda Peet

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Germs are in the news: #Ebola. #Enterovirus.  #WhoopingCough.  #Pneumonia. #Measles.  #Flu. Don’t sit back on the sidelines…#MakeADifference like Amanda Peet and Jo Frost



Doing all I can to keep germs at bay is my obsession. That includes taking precautions in public places as well as getting the shots I need to stay healthy. It also means, as a United Nations Good Fellow, I can #MakeADifference by sharing the urgency of getting lifesaving vaccines to children in developing nations so they can have the chance to be healthy and live past their childhood.

Recently, I met up with  Jo Frost and Amanda Peet  who are just as obsessed as I am with keeping healthy – not just for themselves but for deserving children too. Get a Shot- Give a Shot3

Jo Frost (global parenting expert,“Supernanny” television star, author) and  Amanda Peet (actress, wife, mom, playwright) both serve as Global Advocates for the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign.  They were at the flagship Walgreens store in Hollywood, California to get their shots and promote Walgreens Get a Shot Give a Shot campaign going on now.

Get a Shot- Give a Shot2

Photo courtesy of Walgreens

For the second year, Walgreens has partnered with Shot@Life, whose purpose is to educate, connect and empower Americans to help protect children in developing countries from vaccine-preventable diseases like measles, pneumonia, diarrhea and polio. Starting October 14th, whenever someone goes in to a Walgreens to get their non-flu vaccinations, Walgreens has pledged to donate a life-saving vaccine to a child in developing nations, up to 6 million shots.

Photo courtesy of Walgreens

Both Amanda and Jo have been around the world and have seen firsthand how easily disease can spread when children don’t get needed vaccinations. How do they see their role?

“It’s a no brainer: get your own shot and give a lifesaving vaccine,” said Amanda. “If I can do one thing to help one person, I’m doing something important.”

“I believe in this cause.” added Jo. “I love everything about what I am doing, bringing more awareness and taking away fear.”

Amanda Peet and Jo Frost know firsthand the empowerment that comes when you #MakeADifference. And you can too. Take precautions to minimize germs and get a vaccination at Walgreens. Such a simple way to save a child’s life and #MakeADifference.