31 Days To An Improved Me…Day 29: Boost My Memory

Edifying Education

Everyone needs a little self-improvement, right? That’s why I’ve set a personal challenge for the month of July to tweak here and there areas in my life that need some extra attention. Nothing radical mind you. Just little things I can do to bring more clarity, more joy, and more vitality to improve my daily routine.

Day 29:  Boost My Memory


My Problem: I notice that my memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be. I seem to be getting more forgetful. I forget names, what I was going to get, what I just said. Concentrating takes well, more concentration.  It is both frustrating and alarming. The terms Dementia and Alzheimer’s have long scared me to death. No one in my family has fallen to these horrible conditions and I don’t want to be the first.

My Goal: Do daily brain exercises to ward off age-related memory loss.

My Plan: According to the Memory Doctor, “Normal aging means normal memory changes.” The older we get, it becomes more difficult to recall short-term memories. And while these memory slips can be frustrating, they don’t necessarily signal a cognitive disorder.

In order to keep the brain active and fresh, you need to constantly be introducing information to your brain cells. The brain loves to learn new things. Each time it acquires new knowledge, the brain forms new connections. New connections use oxygen and oxygen helps to keep the brain in tip-top shape. I want my brain to stay strong and active as I age. Daily brain exercises are a great way to maintain and improve memory function.

Here are three types of brain exercises that are effective to boost my memory:

Sudoku: A grid of nine boxes placed inside a larger box. Then, the larger boxes are connected three across in three rows making a total of nine big boxes. The object is to arrange the numbers 1-9 in such a way that they are not repeated in a line either diagonal or across, or in any of the boxes themselves. There are different levels, from beginner to highly advanced.sudoku300

Cranium Crunches: A free website that invites you to come and play. The idea for Cranium Crunches was developed by psychologist Ruth Curran. As she watched her aging parents’ cognitive abilities decline due to illness, she knew she wanted to help them.   The traditional treatments being given to them were found to be either too clinical, too childish or uninteresting. Wanting to maintain their dignity as well as restore within them an interest in their own lives, Ruth developed daily fitness exercises for their brains consisting of a series of photo based puzzles.  Her original ideas are the basis for the Cranium Crunches web site, providing a safe place for individuals to practice those skills that might be slipping and improve focus, all while viewing cool photos and telling stories.cranium crucnches logo

Lumosity: A retired teacher friend of mine, Bernice, recommended this site. Based on seven prestigious studies, these games have been scientifically designed to improve memory, problem solving, flexibility, recalling sequences, and associating names with faces. You set your priorities and design what you want to be tested on.download

I  can access all three of these memory boosting games on my computer, or my tablet and even my smartphone.   Memory boosting on the go!!

When to fit it in? Mid-Day. What a great way to change up the monotony of computer work, a heavy meeting schedule, or a busy day running errands. Doing one of these activities each afternoon can help slow down the natural changes with my memory AND provide a fun break too.

Day 29: Boost My Memory