31 Days To An Improved Me…Day 24: Meditation

musingEveryone needs a little self-improvement, right? That’s why I’ve set a personal challenge for the month of July to tweak here and there areas in my life that need some extra attention. Nothing radical mind you. Just little things I can do to bring more clarity, more joy, and more vitality to improve my daily routine.

Day 24: Meditation

My Problem: My world is too noisy. On the go as soon as my feet hit the ground. Rush here, rush there. Phone conversations, in-person conversations. Music in the background. Eating on the run. So much commotion day in and day out.

My Goal: Set aside 15 minutes each morning for quiet reflection and meditation.

My Plan: Why should I spend time in quiet reflection and meditation?

1)      Reflection and Meditation strengthens my immune system.

2)      Reflection and Meditation calms my mind and inner voice so I can be more receptive.

3)      Reflection and Meditation creates emotional balance. My physical body isn’t always running the show.

4)      Reflection and Meditation allows me time to plan for my day, therefore I am less reactionary.

5)      Reflection and Meditation widens my perspective on my purpose.

I didn’t want to wake up any earlier to achieve this goal; I get up early enough. What I was looking for was just 15 quality minutes for quiet time for myself before I ran full speed in to my day. This required me to be more efficient and less of a time-waster in doing my morning workout, eating breakfast, and getting ready for the day.  Funny (and satisfying) how I could carve 15 minutes out of a routine that I have pretty much observed for over 20 years. But I did!!

Before I go to my computer or leave for an appointment, I sit in the “guest chair” in my office, away from distractions. The chair faces outward of my office so it gives me a fresh, different view of my world than if I was sitting at my desk.Meditation chair

Next the hard part: being still. I visualize my day, my goals, and my worries. I think quietly on these items and how much I will let them impact my life. Then, I read something inspiring. Right now, it is scriptures, but in the past I have found upliftment in other sources (magazine articles, self-help books, Chicken Soup for the Soul). meditation and reflectionLastly, I pray a prayer of gratitude: thanks for another day; thanks for a clear mind and healthy body; thanks for the opportunity to plan and prepare.

And then— I am off.  Let the day begin and come what may.

Do you know what the cool thing is? Even though it takes time to complete this little ritual, I have found that once I do it, I have more time in my day to get the other stuff done. I am more patient. I am more aware of my surroundings. I am not as stressed. Reflection and Meditation has given me a better quality of life. I can’t imagine starting my day without completing this important ritual.

Day 24: Meditation