How Being On The (Old) Radio Helped The (New) Social Media

musingWith social media, currency is measured by comments, shares, likes, tweets and retweets, pins and repins. In other words, the more people that are talking with you, joining in with your conversations, the more credible you become and the more lasting your social media presence.




First and foremost, I am always looking for ways to engage more readers here on the blog. That is why I participate with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. I use these social media platforms to find and join in with as many individuals that I can. Since one size doesn’t fit all, especially in the social media world,  its important to me to reach out to my audience with what suits them best with their unique social media preferences.

As a means to engage in more social media relationships, a friend, Charley W., told me about – a radio station that interviews hundreds of Professional Advisors, Authors, Business Owners and Community Leaders for their best tips, ideas and precautions for the 50+ crowd looking to transition in to a “new lifestyle” in the next 10 years. Without Charley’s introduction, I wouldn’t have known about this great opportunity to take an old communication tool and find new social media relationships.

My interview date was August 20, 2014. I traveled about 50 miles to the studio in Costa Mesa, California to do my live interview.  Having grown up and lived in Southern California most of my life, I’ve had lots of experience visiting television and radio broadcast stations. Me and the Mid Life Guru were even featured on the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show.  However, this was the first time I felt like I was in a “closet” participating in an on air experience. You see, the studio was actually a small room on the 5th floor of a business building.ExitCoachRadio1 I waited all alone in the hallway for my turn. An ON AIR sign lit up in the office window, let me know that the host was in the middle of another interview. ExitCoachRadio4 While I waited, I tweeted my anticipation for this adventure.Tweet for ExitRadioCoach Suddenly, the door opened and the guest before me exited the studio all animated and excited for his experience. That set me at ease. I was welcomed in to the recording studio by host Bill Blass and his production assistant. They quickly went over what to expect as I examined the myriads of wires in the room. I put on the official radio headphones so I could hear the upcoming conversation.ExitCoachRadio5 Then it was 3…2…1… “We are back on the air with Caryn Payzant of The Mid Life Guru…” and I was “ON.” Bill and I carried on a 20 minute, back-and-forth conversation about  why social media matters, what The Mid Life Guru was all about, and also about my social media consulting business as well as my public speaking business.  It was an easy-going experience; I didn’t stumble with my words which was a relief. And man, did it ever go by fast.  Before I knew it, our conversation was over and it was time for the next interview.  I received a bottle of water for my dry throat, a “Thank you and won’t you come back in six months to continue our conversation,” pat on the back,  and then I was on my way.

It’s too soon to know how much this new exposure actually helped my goals of acquiring new readers to The Mid Life Guru or new clients for my social media consulting or public speaking. That will be the icing on the cake after experiencing what it was like to be a radio show personality. For now, I’ll just continue to marvel  how “old school technology” can still be effectively used to promote the benefits of the wonderful new world of social media.