5 Tips For #Midlife #Transitions



Knowing that some fine tuning is in order to expand in business or personal life can be daunting. Here are 5 tips I learned by being interviewed for a radio show that can help alleviate potential fears of a midlife transition.



Tip 1: Act on Advice from Trusted Friends There is a reason why people come across your life’s path: to help expand your vision. Take advantage of learning from other people’s experiences and expertise and see how it can complement your personal midlife transition. I never would have heard about ExitCoach Radio.com if a good friend hadn’t shared it with me and suggest that I should try it out.ExitCoachRadio6 Tip 2: Prepare for the Unknown The best way to find happiness and success in a midlife transition is to be prepared. Ask questions, read background material, find out as much as you can to build self-confidence in your new venture. To prepare for my radio interview, I devoured the materials they sent me as well as read everything on their website. I wanted to limit the stress that surprises bring.

Tip 3: Trust Your Gut Feelings While I had never considered a radio interview as a means to reach my personal goals, once I was introduced to the idea, I played with it in my mind and felt it was a good chance to take. I’m not saying that I wasn’t nervous – because I was. Just knowing that I had a good feeling about this risk from the start kept me in the game until my interview actually happened. You can’t move forward with a midlife transition until you open the door.ExitCoachRadio3 Tip 4: Let Others in on Your Adventure   What fun is there in going at a midlife transition alone? While it is scary to put yourself out there and risk embarrassment or even failure, it is much better to share the negative – and even better the positive – of expanding your horizons. I sent out an email to family and friends as well as announced on Facebook and Twitter that I was going to be interviewed live on the radio program. Just knowing that a few of my friends were listening and offering support helped ease my jitters.Tweet for ExitRadioCoach Tip 5: Be Grateful for the Ride Whether the attempt at a midlife transition met your goals or not, be thankful for the opportunity to try something new, expand your horizons, and test the waters. It has always inspired me to know that successful people I have long admired — Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein– all had a lot of failures and short-sided attempts before they reached their greatness.    ExitCoachRadio5